Association of Women Doctors of Georgia

Contribution of Georgian doctors to culture

One of the most interesting and pleasure part of GMWA activities, is the popularization of contribution of Georgian doctors in Georgian culture.

 GMWA two times- organized the Exhibitions of Georgian Doctor- Painters works.  

The first exhibition was held in June 2000 in Chatrada. In Tbilisi, in the National Picture Gallery - "Blue Gallery". The works of 47 doctors were presented at the exhibition: painting; graphics; sculpture; ceramics; tapestry embroidery. 

The works presented at the exhibition received great approval from the public.  

The exhibition had a great response in the press and on television. Seka published a catalog of the works presented at this exhibition.

 The second exhibition took place on March 2018

at National Parliamentary Library of Georgia On exhibitions were presented painting, wood crafts, sculptures, ceramics and needlework’s of more than 40 doctors and medical students. The exhibitions were attended by many people, and well elucidate by press and TV. On June 2000, GMWA published the catalog of works presented at this exhibition. 

On May 2004, GMWA carried out the Poetry Evening of Georgian Medical Doctor Poets and published their poetry in Georgian Literature Newspaper. The evening took place at the Hall of Shota Rustaveli Society of Georgia.The host of the evening was the famous Georgian doctor Vladimir Kakhadze The Poetry Evening was attended by the Georgian Doctors as well as by Georgian Writers and Poets, who highly evaluated the work of Georgian Doctors. The second Evening of Georgian Doctor Poets took place at Tbilisi National Parliamentary Library of Georgia on June 2016. At the party, famous Georgian doctors Vladimir Kakhadze, Dimitri Kordzaia, Dianara Kasradze, Nana Cincadze, Tariel Namoradze, Irma Kekelidze read their poems, spoke fragments from prose works. Songs written for these poems were performed. The poetry of Georgian medical doctors were published in Georgian Literature Newspaper .