Association of Women Doctors of Georgia

Conducted scientific practical conferences and trainings

Since its establishment GMWA held many scientific practical conferences, dedicated to both - internal health issues, as well as women's health issues.

 The first conference "Woman Always Young and Beautiful" was held at the Youth Palace in Tbilisi in October 2001. 

The next was cycle of lectures: "Women's Health at Menopause" Tbilisi; May-June 2002.

License for continuing professional education

In March 2003 GMWA obtained the license of the Ministry of Labor, Health, and Social Affairs of Georgia, to carry out the continuing medical education and appropriate credit points. 

Since this period, GMWA organized many conferences
in Tbilisi, Telavi, Gurjaan, Gori, Batumi, Kutaisi, Akhaltsikhe. The conferences were always distinguished by the high academic level of the presentations and great interest of the participants. 

  In April 2009, GMWA held a scientific practical conference and a humanitarian action in Gurjaani. 

Within the framework of the conference, the book "Pharmacological Formulary" published by the World Health Organization was presented to all family doctors of the Kakheti region.
The book was presented to the doctors, by its compiler and editor, board member of GMWA ,Professor Tamar Kezel.MD; PhD.

In July 2009, a scientific practical conference was held in In Batumi. Within the framework of the conference,the book "Pharmacological Formulary" published by the WHO was distributed to the family doctors of the Adjara region.

In 2013, GMWA won a conference grant from Shota Rustaveli National Foundation Within the framework of this grant GMWA was organized a scientific conference "Georgian natural products in the treatment of internal diseases".

The 4th issue of the magazine "Actual topics on women's health" was published with the same grant.

 During GMWA's leadership, several conferences were held, which were related to the issues of women's cardiology. 

GMWA organized several conferences on women cardiology issues. Scientific practical conferences were held in Telavi in 2018; 2021 years; 2021 in Tskaltubo, 2022 in Zugdidi, 2022 in Gori, 04/23/2023


In October 2018, with the financial support of GMWA, Dr. Nino Manjaparashvili the member of GMWA in Kakheti Region, organized a training on the topic "Education Priorities Today and Future- Health Issues." The training held in Lagodekhi school N1, aroused great interest among schools students.

In 2005-2006 N. Zhvania prepared the training "Gender Role in Health and Health Care" in Georgian Language and carried out it in Tbilisi.

2006 As part of the health group of the coalition of non-governmental organizations of Georgia, GMWA members participated in the project "Increasing the participation of women in pre-election and election processes of local self-government in Georgia", in Gori and Gurjaan. Sponsor: OSCE/ODHIR

The following scientific practical conferences organized by GMWA attracted special interest -"Obesity - lifestyle or disease?", Tbilisi "Sheraton Metekhi Palace Hotel" February 2004.

"Modern methods of treatment of internal diseases", St. Gurjaan. February 2005
 Practical-scientific conference dedicated to the International Heart Day. Kutaisi, September 2005.

Scientific practical conference: " Peculiarities of cardiovascular diseases in women" International Cultural Center "Musa". Tbilisi April 2007

Scientific practical conference: "Let's help a woman to prolong her youth" International Cultural Center "Musa" Tbilisi June 2008. etc.