Association of Women Doctors of Georgia


The book "A woman is always healthy and young" was published under the patronage of the Association of Women Doctors of Georgia. The book is dedicated to women's health issues. 
It contains 40 articles that describe the most common diseases of women, their causes and ways of prevention.

In particular, the book contains articles about the physiological changes occurring in different periods of a woman's life (puberty, pregnancy, climacteric period) and the diseases that characterize these periods. Tips for pregnant and menopausal women are given.
Describes the most common diseases of women and their prevention, such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, venous insufficiency of the lower limbs, anemia, gout, diabetes, obesity, allergy, Alzheimer's disease, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular diseases, women's malignant tumors and ways to prevent them, the basics of rational nutrition . The advices of ophthalmologist, dentist, dermatologist are given.

It should be noted that this is the first book in the Georgian language, which covers such a wide range of women's diseases and their prevention. 
The authors of the articles are famous Georgian female doctors. 
The book is intended for a wide circle of readers and is considered as a gift of Georgian women doctors to Georgian ladies. 
Part of the books will be given as gifts to displaced and socially vulnerable women from Samachablo and Abkhazia.

Training on the role of gender in health and health care, Tbilisi 2005-2006. Sponsor: International Association of Women Doctors OSCE/ODHIR.

Increasing the participation of women in pre-election and election processes of local self-government in Georgia.
As part of the health group of the coalition of non-governmental organizations of Georgia. Gori, Gurjaani 2006 Sponsor: OSCE/ODHIR

„ Actual Topics on Women's Health“

Since 2012, Georgian Medical Women’s Association has been publishing the international peer-reviewed journal "Actual Topics of Women's Health". 

The articles published in the journal refer to current issues of women's health and gender medicine. 

Articles are published in English, Georgian and Russian languages. The 12 issues of the magazine have been published.