Association of Women Doctors of Georgia

Humanitarian activity

Since its establishment, GMWA members have conducted many charitable events. 

December 2001 

"World Wision" handed over a large number of women's clothing to the GMWA Department of Humanitarian Assistance, which was subsequently distributed to doctors of various hospitals, middle and younger medical practitioners, pensioners, needy and internally displaced doctors.

In September 2001 members were able to provide assistance to pensioners and helpless doctors, free medical consultations and drug delivery.

22 Year

The charity action was held in Tbilisi Women's Prison Colony. GMWA members have conducted medical examination of prisoners and transfer of medicines to them.

 In the framework of the round table" Treatment of Menopause ", GMWA members sold flowers grown by imprisoned women of Tbilisi Prison Colony. The money was transferred to the prisoners for purchasing drugs and hygiene products. 

In 2001-2005 GMWA members conducted charity actions in Telavi; Sagarejo; Machkhaani, Tsalka, Kavtiskhevi hospitals. The actions included the patients examination, transfer to them of medicines; providing the educational lectures; donation of clothing for medical personnel.

 2009 within the framework of the Gurjaani conference action, GMWA members donated a large number of clothes and shoes to the children of needy families in Lagodekhi.

 In 2010 the members of GMWA provided the humanitarian medical examination and distribution of the medicines for IDP s from South Ossetia settled in Mokhisi village. 

 In 2018, members of GMWA conducted humanitarian medical examinations in the population of Ruispiri village.

Humanitarian actions were implemented with support of "Word Vision" and "Acts Georgia"