Association of Women Doctors of Georgia

International congresses

In May 2006, in Tbilisi Cultural Centre “Muza” GMWA organized the Central European Regional Congress “Women Always Yang and Healthy ” and the ExCo meeting of Medical Women’s International Association.

 The Congress was attended by the President; President-Elect; Past President; Treasurer; Secretary- General; Regional Vice Presidents of MWIA: members of German and Swedish Medical Women’s Associations. 

On 2012 GMWA organized the International Congress of MWIA in Batumi. The actual topics of women's health, were discussed on the Congress. The congress was attended by 27 guests from different countries, among them were Secretary General and Regional Vice presidents of MWIA 

In May 2019 GMWA the third time held Central European Regional Congress of MWIA in Tbilisi. It was attended by the President, Secretary General of Women Doctors, many guests from different countries. The congress was devoted to the women's cardiology issue. 

GMWA members actively participated in the congresses of the Medical Women’s International Association in Tokyo 2004; Akra 2007; Seoul 2013; Moscow 2016.

 In 2004 at Tokyo International Congress of Medical Women’s International Association the President of Georgian Medical Women’s Association Nino Zhvania was elected at the post of Vice President of Central European Region of MWIA .

  In 2013 at Seoul International Congresses of MWIA, the National Coordinator of MWIA Khatuna Kaladze was elected at the post of Vice President of Central European Regional Congress of MWIA and was reelected at this post in 2016 at the Vienna International Congress of MWIA .